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Utilizing our solid relationships with the international and local content providers means we can meet demands across multiple platforms for TV, broadband and mobile, and across multi-regions.

Your valuable content

If you are a content provider, your business is based on two points: Creativity and Marketing.

But you need two solutions from a VAS Content Aggregator to grow: Positioning your content into a new market and making the technical integrations.

Pointis brings the content providers and mobile carriers together in both business and technical means as a revenue enabler

Our Content Aggregation Platform

Pointis VAS Content Aggregation Platform (PARS) is an advanced API based solution to get content providers and telecom operators connected over it.

Parties could make use of it together, content providers get more users, more regions and more traffic.

Telecom operators can establish a more loyal customer base, more entertainment content and more revenue at the same time.


The first step is to experience your content. We Research and analyze the market and audience


After that, draw a path and make the lifecycle management to price and promote the content within other multiple-play services.


Finally, start the content aggregation contract and let the people have fun.

Let's get your content spread and expand your business.