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We use our extensive technical skills to benefit our clients with their own bespoke software.  This becomes a new product they find perfect for their needs. So much so, they often request us to package the system up for them to remarket as a product themselves.



With MovinFirst (formerly Seeit1st.co.uk), finding a new home is simple. You no longer need to check various websites and apps several times a day or sign up with multiple agencies, filtering through numerous emails and newsletters. All you need is WhatsApp. You will be updated each time a new property enters the market with your chosen specifications. Then you can simply call the agent whenever a property catches your eye.


Much More Than an E-Mail Marketing Platform 

WhiteSES is an advanced e-mail service for your email marketing campaigns. Thanks to WhiteSES, you send an email at the best price using the world's best infrastructure - Amazon's Simple Email Service (SES).
WhiteSES provides seamless integration support with your applications and other AWS products.


Movita is a new generation vehicle tracking solution featuring optional seat sensors, an in-vehicle camera, and security camera software.

It is the perfect solution for businesses to track their fleet by monitoring everything including speed, distance, location, violations, and working time.

And with our school bus transportation management solution, parents receive notifications when their children enter and exit the school bus, and when they're nearing home.


Share live and accurate data and announcements with parents through E-Coll, our student tracking platform. On top of this, the platform tracks school bus transportation, records attendance and absences, manages registration, files data with easy access, and standardises your accounting operations. Schools can now easily manage all areas and save time with one simple tool.


Nautilus provides operational excellence in KPI management and Kaizen applications. Increase efficiency, improve quality figures, and increase sustainable profitability by standardising processes, determining process targets, and sharing best practices. Work anytime, anywhere, from any mobile device, with the freedom to work on the cloud.


Manage your nursery school’s administration, announcements and parent communications through our easy to use system, e-Kindergarten. With this system, you can request permissions from parents, share videos and announcements, update the menu with selected meals, reward achievements on the sticker page, and much more. Keep everything simple and on a single platform with e-Kindergarten.

If you're interested in one of our products, just let us know.